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How you can buy in our Mosaic e-shop.

  • First of all, for your security, fill out the user registration and confirm your registration via email.
  • Next visit our mosaic e-shop and Login.
  • Choose a category of the item(s) you would like to purchase.
  • The next step is to choose a subcategory if any applies to your selected item.
  • Use our navigator to visit our products and make your shopping list.
  • Attention: In our store we sell by quantities of per 5 stones or per 4 stones or each stones or per sheet of stones or per sqr ft  of glass or other.

For example: If you like to by 20 stones and we sell them per 5 you must divide 20 / 5 = 4 units

  • So enter 4 units in  quantity: 4   and  then click ADD TO CART.

More examples: To by 50 stones which we selling per 4 you must divide 50 / 4 = 12.5 and then you must right 13 units which is the nearest whole number.

To by stones per sheet you must right the number of sheets you wand.

To by Glass you need to now in square feet how much glass you wand and then you right that number.

(Here you can convert square cm to feet)

  • (On the upper right side of our page you will see your invoice.)
  • If your preferred item is out of stock you may receive an email notifying you when will be available,  by clicking NOTIFY ME.
  • When you finish choosing your items click Show Cart to check your invoice.                              
  • Use the Update to change the quantity and / or DELETE to remove any unwanted items.
  • Click Checkout to complete your purchase.

The checkout process is 4 steps:

A.  Complete user registration form (optional)

B.  Enter shipping address

C.  Chose shipping method . Click here to Get Transit Times and Package and Shipment Details from FedEx .

also here  FEDERAL EXPRESS DESTINATION ZONES and Waight Rates  and  AKISEXPRESS ( el )

D.  Chose payment method.

E.  Complete Order.

It is very important to agree with the terms and conditions so to complete your order.  


At the end a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. 

Also please leave a note to us with your order.

Any time that you want to check your order status you can always login and click on the Account Maintenance.





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